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October's blessings

October begins with chaotic, exhausting energy that has given each of us an intense shove in the back. Currently you are either a manic insomniac, full of restless energy or you are fatigued mentally, emotionally and physically. Either way, each of us are experiencing some uncomfortable vibes.

An unraveling is occurring from within and with six planets in retrograde and the energy of tomorrow's new moon settling in, the uneasiness deep inside is going to intensify.

This moon brings balance. This is a time of reflection and action. The scale of your life will now begin to rebalance. What you have recently invested energy in will now manifest into physical reality. Positive and/or negative will now be seen in your life. What was focused on with love, will bring about blessings with love. Honest dedication that has been given to nourish relationships, goals and career will now show signs of growth. Everything that you have recently focused on with true loving intention will flourish.

As your scale rebalances, aspects that were avoided purposely will surface, forcing change. Relationships and careers not suited for you will begin to crumble and cause stress and intense struggle. To ease the pain felt, acknowledge the pain for what it is. It's time to practice acceptance and letting go. Allow yourself to feel everything the way it feels to you. No judgment or rationalizing. Just befriend yourself. Only you know how you truly feel.

October brings blessings whether we want them or not, and with the thin veil between our world and the unseen world, now is the time to listen up and pay attention. The universe, planets, stars, guides, and angels are all divinely protecting and guiding us. Just as the leaves are beginning to fall away, allow this moon to aid in the falling away of your pains to make space for blessings. Blessed be.

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