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Can you hear my soul screaming?

Can you feel my pain?

I hear & feel everyone's.

It's chaos at times.

To always have the sound on, turned up loud.

This last year has been riding the line of internal heaven & hell.

Criticized and judged.

Accomplished & thriving.

Words unheard & filled with someone else's narrative.

Never heard. Always misunderstood.

Drowning in chaos of someone else's aftermath of destruction.

Walk away and breathe.

Not your pain to feel.

Not your screams to soften.

Now I hear my soul screaming.

How did I forget her?

How could I ignore her voice?

That's me.

I wonder what I sound like?

Now I feel my soul's pain.

Now I must move through this pain.

It hurts.

I listen to my soul.

I create my happiness.

Now my soul sings & I hear my voice.

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