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Lion's Gate

As above, so below...

August is now upon us & many of us are feeling the shift in energy flooding into our soul.

For thousands of years, Lion's Gate has been honored & celebrated as a time of new beginnings, perspectives & abundance of prosperity.

Lion's Gate marks the peak of an influx of high energy that accelerates spiritual growth & levels of consciousness. This portal of energy occurs every year & peaks on August 8th.

The energy associated with Lion's Gate is due to the star Sirius. Sirius is known as our spiritual sun & has been tracked since the beginning of humankind. Ancient civilizations spoke of the rising of Sirius & utilizing its energy to bring forth abundance & prosperity. As Sirius rose, so did the Nile River, nourishing the land & setting in motion prosperity.

Between July 26th & August 12th Sirius travels in close proximity to Earth, aligning with Orion's belt & the pyramids at Giza & the Sphinx. During this alignment, energy can be focused to gain access to knowledge & higher levels of consciousness.

The number 8 symbolizes infinity. It supports empowerment & encourages manifestation. Whatever you give your focus to at this time will be amplified. This is a lucky, magical time where anything is possible!

This year, Lion's Gate is celebrated with the new moon. This new moon will also support you to connect with your higher self to tap into your individual power, gifts & abilities.

Uranus, the planet of awakening is very active at this time & can possibly cause uncertainty & chaos. Allow yourself to trust your intuition & flow with the chaos, as it will bring about profound positive change in your life.

During this time, the veil between the spiritual world & physical world is thin. Communication with loved ones who have passed on is clear & open at this time. Encourage yourself to open your heart & you will hear & feel your loved ones.

Self care is the priority this month. Rest, unplug, & fill each day with moments that mindfully nourish your dreams. Be mindful of your thoughts & emotions & how they are linked. Emotions have vibrations & will be heightened all month. Ride these energy waves by deciding what to give focus to & what to release.

Chakras that are affected most at this time are the solar plexus, the heart, third eye & crown. Honoring your needs will bless you with profound personal transformation.

This month is all about bravely standing in our authenticity with confidence.

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