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The beautiful hues of aquamarine carry a calming peace. The stone of courage is known to foster growth, quiet an overwhelmed mind & inspire clear communication. Aquamarine clarifies perception, clearing blocked communication & promoting self expression. Carrying vibrations of inner strength & resilience, aquamarine soothes fears.

Aquamarine is used in meditation to increase awareness & elevate consciousness to higher levels. It aligns the chakras & shields aura, sharpening intuition & opening up clairvoyance. Aquamarine provides great relief to the mind, body & soul by aligning the physical & spiritual bodies.

Aquamarine is also known as the mermaid stone & is deep seated in tradition, culture & myths. Ancients believed this sacred stone counteracted forces of darkness & was carried by seamen for protection. Aquamarine protected those at sea from drowning & held the antidote to mermaid spells & poison.

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