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1111 Magic surrounds you

1111 portal- abundance...magic & angels all around you.

The number 1 symbolizes new beginnings. In numerology, it is associated with strength, independence & proactive movement.

Many believe in the magic of numbers. I am one of them. 1111 has been special to me most of my life, as well as a few friends that I hold close to my heart.

Tomorrow is 1111 & to many, November 11th is a day of magic. A time to create a vision board or write a list of goals and aspirations and the beginning steps to make it happen. Clean your space & declutter to make room for new blessings to enter your life.

Spend the day doing what nurtures your soul & make wishes. Lots of them!! Abundance & prosperity in all aspects of your life are possible to begin the process of manifestation at this time. Enjoy these moments. You are always one wish away from changing your life ❤

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