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Year of the tiger


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! February 1st is the Lunar NEW Year & is celebrated by billions of people worldwide. It is recognized as the beginning of the year in many cultures. To many, it also marks the end of winter & the start of spring.


The year of the Tiger represents a time to lead, to be courageous, & rebellious, if need be. A time to be authentically you.


The year of the tiger will bring a release of fears for all. Lives will transform & hard work will finally pay off on all aspects. Any resistance to change will be met with challenges, so it is important to have faith that all is falling into place. Find ways to increase your peace within & fears, old behaviors & habits will fall away, finally, for good.

The New Moon in Aquarius rings in the lunar new year with us, amplifying our pride & ego. The rise in ego can easily create chaos & recklessness. Deep, strong feelings of nervousness may arise. Allow yourself to feel everything. All feelings being brought forth are actually bringing you the answers that you seek. You just have to allow yourself to see what is being shown to you.

Apply this to all aspects of your life, from personal to professional. Take an observer position & mindfully face each day knowing that everything is taking form & falling into place for your greater good. You may not see it at first, especially if you are engulfed with chaos. Breathe, relax & remember that storms bring a clearing afterwards. Brighter moments are on the horizon.

This new moon brings a surge of energy that may have us questioning old beliefs, habits & behaviors. Be open to assess these with an open heart & allow yourself to feel everything. Approach any changes with flexibility.


2-2-22 February 2nd brings an energy portal of limitless possibilities influenced by the moon. In numerology, the sacred number 2 is centered around acceptance, cooperation, creating harmony & balance. Our intuitions are tuned in & we have the ability to create great change during the 2-2-22 portal.

Solar flares & solar storms are also firing off at an excellerated rate, amplifying our abilities.

Known as portals, there are times where the universe lines everything up & unseen doors open, for miracles & blessings are effortlessly created by us humans. Yes, it is real. If you don't believe, then try it & prove me wrong. You have nothing to lose. You may gain a blessing or few.

Picture the universe. Comets & twinkling stars. Now picture a dark hole among the stars. There's your portal, your wishing well.

Over the course of this week, as circumstances & interactions arise, allow yourself to see what you are being shown. Assess how it makes you feel & make a decision.

Visualize this dark hole among the stars again. Toss that wish or decision in that hole & wish it the best loving intention you can from a genuine space within you.

If you wish a stronger, loving relationship with someone special, then set that intention & visualize throwing it in your wishing well in the stars. You want increased success, set the intention.

You can also do this with toxic habits, behaviors & relationships. Let them go by wishing the best for you & them & off they go into your wishing well.

Remain focused & positive. If you aren't in the head space or heart space to do so with loving intent, do not do this. You will end up blessed with more of what you don't want. So keep those thoughts, words, wishes & intent as positive & loving as possible & enjoy the magic of this week! Blessed be ❤

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