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We all have a shadow side. This side is where our goblins live. Our goblins are our negative thoughts, feelings & emotions. In this space, fear attempts to thrive.

As the energy of the strawberry full moon flows, we individually are being shown what aspects of our shadow self that need cared for & released. Full moon energy helps us release what holds us back & this strawberry moon is the perfect time to mindfully make some drastic life changes.

Release feelings of resentment & negative self talk. Remind yourself that you already have the talent & ability to be the best you.

As we enter into the weekend, lean in to your heart. Decide which pain you wish to let go off. Sit with it briefly, then stand up & rise & move forward.

Self care is crucial in letting go. Make time to honor & celebrate yourself by spending time doing what feeds your soul.

By letting go, you are making space for new blessings to enter your life. Allow yourself to let go of what hurts & that empty, sore space inside will heal. You are worthy.

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