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Wolf Full Moon

This fiery, chaotic, intense Leo moon occurs January 28-29th, challenging us to take the lead & make the necessary changes to create our best life.

The moon rules our emotions & Leo with its aggressive, intense heart centered energy calls for you to move forward. Under this energy it will be easy to fall victim to old fears, but moving through these emotions will be the push forward needed to leave the past behind.

Be still, be patient & try to remain calm as these energies move through you, & uncomfortable emotions arise from deep within. They will pass if no resistance is given.

Jupiter will also align with the sun bringing fortunate energy. When this energy is utilized mindfully, magic will occur. This moon brings abundance & expansion of our talents & gifts. Pay attention to the universe as it leaves you blessings. Mental clarity & intense creative energy comes with this moon.

In astrology, a line up of more than a few planets in a zodiac sign produces an accelerated, concentrated energy. Lining up in Aquarius is Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Mercury. This intense energy will gravitate towards a part of our life, pushing us forward. As above, so below. So make tomorrow count. Take the first step towards living your dreams. Put the time, effort & energy into forward movement.

The energy of these planets infuse, creating a supercharged field of energy that we can tune into. Aquarius carries strong mental clarity, opening yourself up to new ideas. Mercury in retrograde may have us feeling indecisive so move forward slowly, easing into the flow of the day. Do not force anything. The Aquarian energy will carry you to explore new ideas & possibilities if you allow.

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