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Vision board

The purpose of a vision board is to create a visual representation of specific intentions, interests & goals. It is a collage of images & words that motivate you & remind you of your dreams, goals & values. By displaying a vision board in a place where you will see often, you will begin to expand your focus, thus creating pathways to obtain these goals & dreams.

Mindfully focused energy brings to life what you want to achieve. Energy flows where attention goes.

Start by taking some time to yourself. I prefer to do this at bedtime as I am falling asleep. Allow your body to relax first, then allow your mind to daydream. Like a child. No realistic limitations are allowed here. Just your imagination. Allow yourself to see your dreams in your mind. Once you see it, push it further. What does it feel like? Now be mindful & reflect. Envision what you want & graciously allow yourself to see where you are in this moment. Set intentions. Be honest with yourself.

Select empowering words & images to display & display proudly. Some utilize pictures & words cut out from magazines & attach them to poster board, while others make checklists to leave around the home or office. Display your vision board where you will see it numerous times a day.

Focus can be on ideals of personal growth, business goals or physical health goals. The possibilities are endless because this board represents you & becomes a sacred space to manifest dreams into reality. So always be respectful of your thoughts, feelings & emotions. Acknowledge & display gratitude for your present accomplishments as well.

Take time to revisit the board often & to reflect. Your dreams & goals change over time & your board should be updated frequently.

Be creative & have fun with it. Remember that you are limitless potential & the pathways on how to get there will emerge & guide you.

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