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Unakite is known as a stone of vision. It is a gorgeous rock that is used for grounding & emotional balance.

The energies associated with unakite connect with fire & water elements & are linked to the energy of Venus & Mars.

Unakite works with the third eye chakra & heart chakra by aiding in visualizing your desires & taking positive action. Working with unakite during meditation will also bring forth clairvoyant abilities & facilitate an emotional rebirth.

The beautiful green & pink hues carry nurturing, passionate, calming energy. It is often worn as jewelry or placed under pillows during sleep to promote a restful slumber & to create clarity upon waking. Unakite also carries a protective vibration that releases negative energies, creating breakthroughs in releasing addictive & depressive patterns.

Unakite connects its loving energy to provide serenity & optimism to support one with their emotional needs.

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