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Turritella agate

Turritella's rich, earthy hues & patterns are distinctly unique & created by fossil inclusions of snails & such. Turritella agate aids in survival, transition & travel.

Deeply connected to nature & the root chakra, its energy protects us, especially during hardship. This grounding stone aids in feelings of safety & security. Many travelers carry this stone to conjure a safe journey.

Turritella agate is a transition stone. It helps us move from one life phase to another with ease. It guides us in remembering who we are, & our core values, encouraging us to stay true to ourselves.

By dissolving internal tensions, turritella agate treats emotional trauma. It aids in overcoming feelings of anger, fear, negativity & bitterness, bringing forth confidence, concentration & logical energy.

Known as the past life record keeper, it is used commonly in meditation. Turritella agate has the ability to access & open your Akashic records & connect you to your roots. It opens up the energy channel to tap into your ancestral & personal roots.

Wealth, luck, abundance & prosperity are associated with turritella agate, encouraging growth.

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