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Turquoise, the stone of the ancients offers hope, wisdom & good fortune.

Turquoise is a healing, protective, purification stone that has been used for centuries as amulets & talismans by cultures worldwide.

Used as a purification stone, it clears electromagnetic pollution, strengthening the body & regenerating the body’s tissues. Turquoise has detoxifying & anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in pain relief.

Turquoise is also a strengthening stone, removing self sabotage, stabilizing mood swings, & promoting calm vibes. Known to calm nerves, turquoise creates feelings of peace & serenity, helping one to work through depression & panic attacks.

Turquoise strengthens the body’s meridians, enhancing the physical & psychic immune systems. It enhances communication between the physical & spiritual worlds by promoting spiritual attunement & aligning the chakras. Turquoise is used commonly in meditation. Placing the stone on the third eye chakra will enhance intuition. Placing on the throat chakra will release old vows, allowing the soul to express itself.

Turquoise can also be used to help with insomnia by simply placing a stone under your pillow. Or place stones in corners of your home as the water energy of turquoise will flow, attracting wealth & calm communication. Turquoise unites the earth with the sky.

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