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Tiger's eye

Representing power, inner strength, courage & fearlessness is the tiger's eye. Promoting harmony & balance, the tiger's eye creates positive transformation into all areas of our everyday life.

This gorgeous stone increases confidence & enhances personal willpower, aiding in decision making with discernment. Tiger's eye balances energy, clearing our thinking, enhancing our insight & practical perception by integrating the hemispheres in the brain. Fear & anxiety are absorbed by this stone leaving one unclouded by emotions.

Tiger's eye high grounding vibration is infused with Mother Earth & Sun energy & is used frequently in meditation to work with the lower chakras, aiding in Kundalini awakening.

For centuries, tiger's eye has been used in jewelry, armour & around the home as protection. The colors represent prosperity, spiritual royalty, protection & entrance in angelic realms.

Tiger's eye is commonly worn as an amulet or placed near entrances into one's home to aid in protection.

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