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Solfeggio frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies are specific tones that affect the conscious & subconscious to stimulate healing & vitality. Beneficially utilized since the beginning of recorded history & mathematically consistent with universal patterns in healing, these tones are used to repair emotional trauma, deepen relationships, open up levels of consciousness & repair DNA. When sung in harmony, these tones are said to induce blessings on those who listened to them.

Solfeggio frequencies

396 hz - Tone Ut

- ability to ease & remove feelings of guilt & fear accumulated throughout life

417 hz - Tone Re

- change renewal frequency

- clears debris of negative memories & influences from the mind

- facilities change in perspective

528 hz - Tone Mi

- love frequency

- transformation, miracles & DNA repair

- increases energy, clarity & peace of mind

639 hz - Tone Fa

- tone of connection & relationships

- creates peace & harmony

- frequency of understanding, sympathy, tolerance & mutual respect

741 hz - Tone Sol

- problem solving frequency

- specifically solving issues with the ability to express ourselves freely

- removes toxins & electromagnetic radiation from our cells

- promotes stability, physically & emotionally

852 hz - Tone La

- awakening intuition frequency

- enables us to connect to our higher self (higher plane of consciousness)

Additional frequencies

174 hz

- natural anesthetic

- alleviates physical pain & discomfort

- promotes sleep

285 hz

- heals skin & muscle tissue such as burns, lacerations & wounds

432 hz

- earth frequency

- pure clean frequency that removes mental blocks & opens pathways

963 hz

- access to crown chakra

- utilizes pineal gland & central nervous system to access higher intuition

I began listening to Solfeggio frequencies by integrating them into my meditation practice. Now I enjoy them while cleaning, cooking, creating or winding down in a hot bath. I simply search Solfeggio frequencies on YouTube, plug my phone into speakers & enjoy.

These tones can be intense. Be mindful of your intent & choose a frequency that resonates with how you are feeling at that moment, while considering what you want to achieve. Keep notes. How do these tones make you feel? Learning & understanding how to integrate these tones in your own wellness is empowering & a true blessing.

Be respectful & mindful that these tones have been used for centuries to heal.

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