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Poet's stone

Sodalite invites you to see the beauty of life. Known as the Poet's stone, sodalite enhances creative expression. Creating an emotional balance, this stone fosters order & clears metal confusion & intellectual blockages. Sodalite calms the mind, encouraging rational thought, self-esteem & self acceptance. Sodalite is used to calm during panic attacks. The stone's energy promotes the release of fears, guilt & phobias.

Sodalite clears electromagnetic pollution & balances the body by cleansing the lymphatic system.

Sodalite is also used in treating insomnia & promoting healing to the throat & vocal cords.

Sodalite's energy works with the throat & third eye chakras. Clearing the throat chakra & boosting communication, sodalite enhances one's ability to speak their truth. The stone's affect on the third eye chakra, makes for a wonderful addition to your meditation practice. Known to open spiritual perception, sodalite stimulates the pineal gland, deepening meditation & strengthening intuition.

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