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Serpentine symbolizes divine power & regenerative energy. For centuries it was used in alchemy & considered magical by healers to balance & heal the body.

It is a grounding, cleansing stone used in meditation to clear chakras, opening new pathways for Kundalini energy to rise. Serpentine creates understanding of the basis of life, enhancing spiritual exploration & attuning one with nature.

Serpentine restores balance to the mind & body by cleansing & detoxifying the cells. It is known to rebalance digestion, aid in pain relief & replenish energy levels. Emotionally balancing, serpentine soothes the mind, allowing release of fears involving change, giving space for positive perspectives to be integrated. Clearing emotional baggage, serpentine stimulates the urge to proactively solve conflicts, helping one to feel more in control of their life.

The energy of a serpentine stone can be focused to intently increase good luck, prosperity & to reap the rewards of hard work. With the use of serpentine, one will find their place on this earth.

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