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Welcome the month of manifestation & allow your intuition to guide you to prosperity. September's energy urges us to finally trust our gut & set in motion improving our personal current situation. No more procrastinating. If you don't step up, the universe will pull the rug out from under you with the incoming energies.

Motivation & focus are key as we begin September. Spend time completing those daunting tasks & get organized. Purge your home of unwanted or unnecessary clutter to make space for new prosperity.

The new moon on the 6th, brings positive changes & an increase in self awareness. Take advantage of these positive changes. Do not resist any change in your personal life at this time. These changes will be rapid, causing feelings of uneasiness. Get comfy with the idea of being uncomfortable & you will flow through these changes with ease. Resist these personal changes within & ignore your intuition & you will manifest more unwanted chaos into your life at a faster pace. This is a period of uncertainty & amped up potential energy. As the darkness falls over this new moon, create & plant intentions & goals for yourself.

September 7th begins the lovely Mercury Retrograde shadow period. This is the time to wrap up those pesky unfinished tasks before communication gets wonky. Communication can feel off with just about anything & everything from now until October. This is the time to go within. Spend time daily dedicated to yourself. Honor yourself by penciling in some me time.

The Pisces full moon on the 20th brings a sensitive, moody vibe. At this point, you may feel like your judgment is clouded. Hang in there.

The equinox on September 23/24 brings a vibe & flow that will shift that funky mood & bring balance. This is the time to connect with nature & show some gratitude. Pencil in some time to do so. Be thankful & show thanks for those blessings that are on their way. Enjoy this flow & vibe with it because Mercury retrograde will take place September 26th- October 18th.

Mercury retrogrades are nothing to worry about but many get panicked because of the communication disruptions. These disruptions are needed to slow us down. Retrogrades force us to look within & allow intuition to take over. If you honor that, and put the inner work in throughout September, you will be blessed with profound positive progress in your life. If you resist, kicking & screaming, stuck in a victim mentality, you will manifest an abundance of chaos, that will ultimately force you to make positive life changes.

The choice is yours & yours alone.

The beauty of September is found in the blue sapphire. The blue sapphire represents strength, faith, hope & power. Hold these ideals with an open heart & September will be a wonderfully magic time! Blessed be!

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