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Rosemary is a top ten to have in your home at all times. This delicious herb promotes wellness from every aspect. Rosemary treats your mind, body & soul with its magical energy.

Rosemary is blessed with anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary is a delight to cook with, but add it to your beauty routine & your life will change.

Rosemary stimulates blood circulation, encouraging hair growth. It treats dry, itchy scalp & dandruff. It also produces luxurious shine. Mix a few drops of rosemary essential oil (we prefer Doterra) with a carrier oil such as vitamin E oil, hemp oil or almond oil & massage into scalp & hair. Rinse. Apply this hair treatment frequently to promote hair & scalp health.

Rosemary soothes irritated skin. It reduces swelling, puffiness, & is known to heal burns, eczema & psoriasis. The properties in rosemary reverse sun damage & reduce age marks, lines & wrinkles. Rosemary toner is a great way to nourish your skin. Add fresh sprigs of rosemary to a small pot of boiling water. Simmer approximately 30 minutes, cool & pour into a glass spray bottle. Add 1 tbsp of witch hazel. Shake before each use. I keep mine in the refrigerator. Spray on skin daily. Adding 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to your toner is magical as well.

For centuries, rosemary has been used to cleanse & purify energy. It is used commonly in smudging, in place of sage, to clear one of negative energy & to increase creativity. Known as a cognitive stimulate, rosemary increases focus & alertness, improves memory & decreases muscular pain. Adding fresh rosemary or rosemary oil to a hot bath will relax your muscles, heal & promote healthy skin & clear your mind, aiding in a restful sleep.

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