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Crystals have always been used in wellness by bringing balance to the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels of being. They realign energies, working through vibrations & bringing chakras back into balance.

Rhodonite is considered a "first aid stone" & is a favorite in my collection of magic rocks. The beautiful hues of pink sing to your heart, clearing & stimulating the heart chakra.

A great emotional balancer, this stone encourages clear communication with matters of the heart with nurturing love. Promoting unselfish self love, Rhodonite grounds energy by balancing yin-yang & aiding & encouraging one to achieve their highest potential.

Physically beneficial, Rhodonite treats inflammation of joints & calms flares of arthritis, stomach ulcers & multiple sclerosis.

Rhodonite activates the pineal gland, bringing forth intuitive guidance. It is commonly used in emotional healing by resonating with forgiveness & acceptance by transmuting painful emotions associated with anger & resentment resulting from betrayal & abandonment. These negative emotions are transmuted into feelings of stability & self worth. Used in meditation to clear old patterns & align the chakras, this lovely stone is a must have.

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