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Rebirth - April's Vibe & Flow

April showers bring May flowers. I grew up with this phrase & the energies flooding into this April, sings this phrase through my soul.

Last week, Earth was hit with numerous blasts of energy from storms occurring on the Sun. These are common occurrences & are still occurring. These storms are becoming so strong, sporadic & frequent that they are shutting down instruments used to measure them. We are affected by the sun, the moon, nature, etc.

The perfect storm is now brewing within each & every human being on the planet. Physical, neurological & emotional storms are occurring on all levels.

Every culture & every belief system has documented what is now occurring. The human race is at a crossroads. We all feel this uncomfortable feeling within, fearing the unknown, not realizing that we hold the key that unlocks our cell door in the prison of personal hell that we have created.

The new moon that kicks off April is extra sensitive & emotional, pulling up these pains. These pains are to be acknowledged, comforted & nurtured at this time. We all are divinely blessed & as we enter 4/4 tomorrow, the unrealized potential within us, is going to ignite & gain momentum.

Time to say goodbye to self-sabatoge because it won't be an option any longer. Bold action & forward movement fills the air throughout April while the path behind is washed away by our tears or rain.

Zero point best explains the energy going on currently. It's a feeling of void. All & everything is possible when given focused intent now. It feels like nothingness. It's an uncomfortable feeling deep inside. In zero point, the seeds of intent that you planted for yourself are growing. In zero point, you do not feel the growth. It feels stagnant instead. Embrace this time. This is the rest period before the growth spurt to your dream.

Either way, the beginning of April makes the space needed for growth & the magical blooms of blessings will arrive by the end of the month. Embrace everything about yourself & grow!!

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