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Positive Affirmations

The law of attraction states that positive & negative thoughts create positive & negative experiences. Thoughts are a form of energy. What we consistently focus our thoughts on manifest in reality. Like attracts like & consistently thinking negative thoughts will bring on negative experiences. It's all about perception.

Mindfully talking to yourself in a positive manner will create positive thoughts which will create positive experiences. Sounds silly. Sounds too simple. It works & I could ramble on for days with stories of those I know personally, whose lives have positively changed after implementing these simple, mindful words into their daily lives.


Positive affirmations are simple phrases used daily as a practice of positive thinking & self empowerment. Speaking to yourself kindly, in a positive manner will have a positive impact on your life.

Ways to integrate positive affirmations

- At bedtime, write a list of 3 things that occurred earlier that day, that you are grateful for. Write 3 positive things that you did that day. In the morning, read your list & reflect for a few minutes. Now add to it. List 3 things that you are grateful for. It could be the same 3, or you could grow your list. Add 3 positive things that you want to accomplish for the day. At bedtime, read your list. Reflect & repeat.

- During daily routines, such as showering or washing dishes, practice being present with positive affirmations by speaking "I am". Speak affirmations during the duration of whatever tasks you choose.

Here's some positive affirmations. Make sure to create some of your own. Only speak what resonates with you. You have to feel or want to experience the words chosen.

I am wise

I am loving

I am compassionate

I am peace

I am calm

I am happy

I am able to communicate & express myself clearly

I am creative

I am healthy

I am alive

I am capable of living my best life

I am limitless potential

I am enough

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