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Pamper your piggies

Your feet are the root, the foundation of your health. Daily foot soaks have been common practice worldwide since recorded history. Known to have energy channels or pathways, your feet discharge toxins, purifying the body.

Foot soaks promote healing by utilizing therapeutic water. Try adding some of these to your water.

Epsom salt

- reduces fatigue & improves sleep

Himalayan sea salt

- restores balance to the body, boosts brain function, clears energy field, reduces inflammation & improves sleep

Vinegar - enhances circulation

Tea tree - heals skin


- relieves body aches & cold symptoms such as a runny nose


- relaxes nerves & alleviates pain & tired feet & legs


- soothes sore joints, relaxes nerves & improves sleep


- soothes irritated skin & promotes sleep

Foot soak

Fill up a large bowl or basin with comfortably warm water. Add what you wish to your water. A little goes a long way. You can use fresh or dried flowers & herbs &/or essential oils. Just a splash or a sprinkle. We tend to also find these ingredients in tea bags at our local markets. They work wonderfully with less mess.

Soak feet, ankles & if needed calves for approximately 20 minutes. Enjoy

You can also make yourself foot spray to enjoy these delightful wellness benefits.

Peppermint foot spray

Fill up a small glass spray bottle with approximately 3/4 of distilled water. Add 1-2 tablespoons of witch hazel & 5 drops of peppermint oil (we prefer Doterra). Shake well & keep chilled. Spray on tired feet before bed.

Remember to love & water your roots!

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