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Wards are a type of protection used to guard against negative energy that intends harm. Wards are used to protect an individual or place.

Every culture throughout history have their own personal, protective relics and rituals that they grow up listening to stories of.

Sometimes railroad spikes are used as protective wards and are placed in each of the four corners of a home or property. Blessings and prayers accompany the act of placing the spikes in the ground. Blessings of prosperity, good health, love and happiness are spoken.

The Wards

I awoke one morning feeling quite ill. Stabbing pain jolted through me. My entire body was covered in goosebumps. Within a short moment, my pajamas became drenched in my own sweat.

I cannot think straight.

Is it Wednesday?

I am not sure.

The pain is too intense.

I lay on the hard wood floor, trying not to pass out.

Lifetimes before, this home was blessed by me.

Actually more than once.

Memories flashed of past lifetimes here. Memories filled with happiness, love, good health and prosperity.

I found three spikes on the front stoop of the house later that day.

The great shaman had heard my prayers. The wise and beautiful woman gifted me the protection for the house.

Prepare the house and get them in the ground! 

The shaman assured me that no rush was needed though. Simple instructions were given. Do as you know to do. Feel it. You will know. Decide what is allowed in and decide what is not.

During a night of restless sleep, thoughts of the ward placement perplexed me.

Should there be four Wards?

I couldn't just use three, could I?

I spent the remainder of the night, imagining placing these spikes in the ground. Dreams of the banshee were interrupted by dreams of the chief and the priestess. A frozen moment where worlds collide.

By the next day, another ward had appeared!

My time in Louisiana flashed in my mind.

Years spent of studying under the priestess.

I hated being sent away, but I promised her that I would live. And staying there, my chances were slim. She hid me in a box and away I went. Blessing me as I blew her a kiss goodbye.

The journey here was easier than I had hoped for.

Some scrapes, some bruises. Hungry at times but happy to rest. Many people helped along the way. It was like my entire trip was planned beforehand and at each stop I was greeted like royalty.  Food, clean clothing and a warm bed to rest was always waiting for me.

The chief took the role of my teacher.

The tribe taught me well and I experienced the similarities in the way we live, love and protect.

Our rootwork and knowledge of nature are parallel.

Promises kept that I would make it back here someday put a smile on my face, as the Wards went into the ground. I took comfort in knowing that they are buried beside the other Wards that I have placed in this same ground over my many lifetimes here.



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