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The actual age of the dollhouse is still being researched. So far, records of the dollhouse can be found dating back to the mid 1800's.

The search began with the research of the McPherson family who lived here in the 1930's. It was strongly believed the home was built around then.

Then the home inspection revealed that the dollhouse was much older!!

Research from a dear friend then led to the Cannon family from the 1800's!!

Many families have lived here during her almost two hundred year old history, and it is clear that all who lived here grew strong roots with the ones they love.

Our Tree

The sweet aroma of cherry blossoms fill the air.

The fierce breeze dances with its blossoms.

The sun is shining bright.

The sky is a rich, deep ocean blue hue.

The clouds shimmer like opals and I ponder grandfather's speech about the tree of life. I found my sweaty hand in my pocket, clenching my great grandmother's ring. I can't dare damage it!

Grandmother's favorite quilt on the lawn.

Mother's favorite china and champagne flutes wrapped carefully in the basket. Mother won't mind, because the gesture is sweet. She will notice a loaf of her fresh bread missing, though!

In the orchard, the basket gets filled with berries of all kinds. Unsure of her favorites, a little of each will do.

Oh breeze, please cool and calm me. I am sweating and already shaking. What if she isn't impressed?

Will I disappoint?

Mother's roses are in full bloom.

How many should I choose?

One dozen?

Maybe two?

Grandmother always says that women love lavender. I will grab a bunch of that too!

Under our favorite tree, I set up our picnic.

Wine, cheese, bread, and berries of all kind.

Roses and lavender, and daisies.

I will promise her, that like our tree, I will always stand tall, provide stability, shelter and protection.

Like our tree, we will stand tall throughout all of life's storms.

Like our tree, we will stand proud in our growth.

Like our tree, we will bend, not break.

Like our tree, we will change with the seasons naturally and with ease.

Like our tree, we will extend our love like branches for lifetimes to come and protect all who seek shelter.


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When I lived in that house the tree was so tiny, I believe my parents planted it 💖

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