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The dollhouse, like most older homes in New Brighton are filled with unique nooks, hidden rooms and interesting floorplans.

The dollhouse is full of every owner's personal touch. Each room showcases their past, from the Cannon Estate era in the 1800's, the McPherson Estate era in the 1930's, including each modern era of owners since. It is exquisite.

Their love and personality still lives strongly and deeply within these floors and walls.

Upstairs the layout of the dollhouse gets confusing, as a large section of the floorplan is obviously different from the original floorplan of this Georgian style mansion.

Modern false walls between two modern bathrooms, divide a space that once was a butler's or servant's quarters. This space leads to a full size attic that only has access via a very small panel in the ceiling. No steps or ladder are present to gain access into the attic.

What's behind this door?

Behind this door, I rest.

Safe and secure, I am.

I can breathe.

I can feel and see the sun shine across my beautiful skin through the windows.

I am comfortable.

I am never hungry or thirsty anymore.

I like my dresses and my doll.

I can pick beautiful flowers and fruits from the orchard anytime I want, for me to enjoy.

I can chase butterflies and hummingbirds.

I can even play with the puppies and kitties, if I want.

In the evenings, we all sit in front of the fireplace in the great room. All of us together, dancing and singing while we take turns playing the piano.

I am really good at playing the piano and I like to teach the other children songs that only I know.

I taught the girls about my traditions and they taught me their's. We trade hairbows and play dress up a lot.

I have a cozy bed with linens and blankets. I have pajamas. Fancy ones! The sound of the train brings me to restful sleep. But, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, feeling worried and scared.

When this happens, I go to the attic and tuck myself into a little corner, facing the river. I always bring my favorite blanket and doll up there with me.

I always fall back asleep quickly, remembering my journey here.

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