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November is rolling in fierce with its winds of change. How are you feeling? Get into the routine of asking yourself that every day, multiple times a day & watch your life drastically change this month. Be mindful & clear with your intentions & boundaries & you will emerge in a new timeline.

November is bringing the power to practice saying NO, & saying it effectively. Say no to what disrespects your soul & say yes to honoring yourself!!!

The Scorpio New Moon on November 4th is bringing big shocks of transformation. As we close up the celebrations dedicated to our ancestors, we pull in the essence of their spirit. We also have the incoming energies of the current solar storms & the upcoming 1111 portal. All things are possible. Now is the time to change.

Change what hurts your soul

Create that new beginning

Take the chance on new friendships

Finally try that new hobby

It's time to let go & fill those voids with new intentions. Only you know what those are. Allow yourself to accept that you deserve & have the power to create your dreams into reality. You deserve to have every aspect of your life fully balanced. Once you believe it, you will live it. You just have to dream it up!

November is the time to do so!

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