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New Moon Eclipse

As today's eclipse & new moon intensify the energies in our atmosphere, the energy inside us are stirring up our emotions as well. Recent pressure built up has caused each & every one of us to our breaking points.

Each & every little thing that gets us fired up is the universe calling for a review. Every obstacle that feels forced will fall away if we resist giving our energy to it.

It is important to focus on creating your best life & forward movement. As these energies increase, we may feel surrounded by chaos & confusion. We may even feel nauseous, light headed & woozy.

Rest when you feel you need to.

Everything happens for a reason & we are being called to slow down & pay attention. Pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to whom & what you give your time & energy to.

We stay so busy that we don't have to really look at & acknowledge the changes that we need to make within our personal surroundings. We dream of change but lack the discipline to mindfully take action.

These energies have the magic of miracles. For those that decide to observe & to take action in creating their best life, this beautiful astrological event will support you.

Wishes of change made during this time can manifest & will happen fast, at a mind-blowing pace. Be careful what you wish for!! At this time, everything is moving fast. Keep those thoughts positive & remember that sometimes it is best to get out of your own way.

When we slow down to observe our personal world, we can see how far we have come individually. We can mindfully observe what needs added to our life & what needs to be removed. Blessed be! Happy moon!! Dream big!!! Limitless potential!!!!

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