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The stone of new beginnings, moonstone's serene & tranquil feminine energy invites creativity, inspiration, success & good fortune into areas of your life regarding love & business.

Moonstone's energy is reflective like the moon & it has been linked to the moon throughout worldwide legends for centuries as stories are told of its moon magic & gifts of clairvoyance & prophecy. This stone is very sacred in many cultures.

Moonstone creates balance with its yin energy, bringing inner growth & strength. Connected to the moon & intuition, it opens the mind to synchronicity & serendipity. Calming & soothing our emotions, it invites us to flow with change & encourages acceptance of one's own gifts & abilities.

Moonstones are talismans for fertility, love & sleep & are often made into amulets.

Placed under your pillow, it will aid in sleep. It also promotes lucid dreaming, especially during the full moon phase.

Used in meditation, a moonstone is placed on the solar plexus chakra to draw out emotional patterns to be transmuted.

Moonstones are also planted in vegetable gardens to promote fertility.

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