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Moon magic

Moon magic has been common practice worldwide since the ancients. Understanding & working with the energy of the moon can bring about profound transformation. The moon is powerful & potent. Associated with feminine energy, the moon dives deep within our psyche, influencing our emotions. The moon sits with our intuition, co-creating wisdom within us, bringing forth birth, death & rebirth of our being. The moon sits with us always, waiting to lovingly guide us.

The new moon on March 13th brings about a calm balance of energy & acceptance. Anthing can be accomplished. And you are the one that gets to decide. This energy is inspiring us to dream & dream big!

Venus & Neptune are aligned very closely during this new moon, activating our heart chakra & shedding light on our relationships. Unconditional love & intuition are in the spotlight & the moon is nudging us to trust our intuition & lead with our hearts now. This is your reset!

Let go of relationships that hinder you from being your authentic self & allow yourself to put that energy into relationships that promote your growth. The moon gives clarity, you just have to trust & accept what you are shown. By leading with your heart, new pathways emerge.

These days leading up to the new moon is a time to daydream. Allow yourself to get lost in your dream life & what you would like to draw into your life. Create the vision in your mind. On the day of the new moon, write down your dreams, & keep it where you will see it daily. Seeds are now planted & as the moon grows, so does your intent, your goals, your dream.

New moons are a time to shift & rebalance. Clear energy & cleanse the air in your home with smudging sage. Cleanse & charge your crystals by placing outside or on a windowsill. Rid your home of unneeded & unused items, making room for new blessings. And most importantly make some time to add something new to your well-being!!

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