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Moon Energy

Since the beginning, the moon & earth have danced together, their energies integrating in a balancing ebb & flow, affecting all living beings.

The moon & sun emanate frequencies. These frequencies affect every living being on emotional, behavioral & conscious levels. By understanding the moon & how to work with the energies of each phase, personal development can be achieved.

The sun represents the outer world & our identity, our ego. It's how we shine our light out into the world.

The moon represents the inner world & shadow self, our dreams & hidden emotions.

The moon is reflecting, mirroring images to us. Astrologically, governing the realm of intuition & emotion, the ruler of the sign of cancer. In alchemy, the moon is a facet of silver, symbolizing clarity & purity. Affiliated with water, the influencer of tides, your moon sign describes your instinctive, emotional energies, revealing who you are. While, your sun sign describes who you will become & qualities that you will be learning.

The moon has four phases. Understanding these phases & mindfully working with their energy, positive personal growth is achieved. Vibing your intentions with the ebb & flow of the moon will keep your goals moving steadily forward with clarity & focus.

Waning phase

The waning phase is a time for inner reflection & review. Discern which areas of your life are in balance & which areas are not. Honor your strengths & accomplishments. In the days leading up to the new moon, recognize within any thoughts, feelings or behaviors that come to your attention. Rest & nurture yourself as you begin focusing on your goals.

New moon

New moons are new beginnings & honoring yourself with a fresh new vision of intent is a must, every new moon. Symbolizing rebirth, the new moon is the time to set intentions, write down goals & begin new projects. It is the time to plant the seeds of your dreams.

Waxing moon

During the waxing phase, energy of your intentions start to grow. You either feed it positively or negatively, subconsciously & consciously. During this time, release fears to allow your dreams to take form. Get excited & enjoy what it feels like to move forward with your goals. They are manifesting.

Full moon

During the full moon phase, energy is heightened. Dreams, emotions & mental processes are amplified. Clarity, focus & creative expression are at its peak. During this phase, gratitude is front & center.

Mindfully understanding the moon & acknowledging how it affects us, gives us insight on how to positively progress in our own personal development.

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