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Me time

Aww it's Friday night & I'm relaxing with a delightful cup of coffee. My husband & our adorable daughter Mila are enjoying their daddy/daughter evening at the movie theater (our livingroom), while I sit quietly with my coffee. After a busy day of rearranging our furniture & decor to welcome in the energies of the upcoming months, I can honestly say, I am bored. I should be exhausted. I am physically but mentally I am buzzing around like a busy little bee.

We all need "me time". Time for self care & rest or time to ourselves to release built up energy. I guess I should use my time mindfully. Here's some ways to enjoy your "me time".




Read or listen to audio books

Go for a walk



Give yourself a spa treatment

Cook a new recipe

For me, my favorite "me time" is sewing. Enjoy your evening & make sure to give yourself some "me time".

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