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We welcome the month of March & its blessing of spring. March is the new beginning, a time of forward movement, a time to take action, gracefully flowing with the air element.

Martius, or March was the beginning of the year, the first month of the traditional, ancient Roman calendar. This month was named after the god Mars. Mars originally was honored as the god of fertility & agriculture. March was time for the return to active life. Farming & sailing resumed, as well as military campaigns. As the Romans became engulfed with honoring war, Mars then was given the title of god of war. Many festivals took place to honor Mars & the protection & fertility he provided.

March's birthstones are aquamarine & bloodstone. Aquamarine represents the purity of the soul & spirit & is associated with health & hope. The bloodstone represents protection, courage, strength & resilience. Bloodstone was believed to hold heavenly power that was gifted from the gods. Amulets of bloodstone were worn around the necks of warriors in battle to heal wounds & slow down bleeding.

March brings many wonderful blessings & is represented in many ways. Our surroundings tell a story. Shamrocks symbolize endurance & overcoming difficult challenges & circumstances. The season of winter is ending. The rabbit symbolizes the celebration of fertility & life. The gorgeous daffodils, symbolize new beginnings & rebirth. March is filled with magic. Welcome spring & new beginnings.

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