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The hypnotic power stone, malachite, amplifies energy & intention. Malachite is a protective stone that grounds & balances one with its connection with earth.

The strength of malachite is such that it is recommended for use with caution & is to be handled with care. Malachite soaks up environmental pollution & radiation quickly & needs to be cleansed often. To cleanse malachite, place with quartz in the sunlight.

Malachite is a stone of transformation, amplifying both positive & negative energies. It encourages risk taking & change, breaking unwanted ties & patterns. Malachite has the ability to absorb & process information, strengthening observance & understanding in difficult concepts.

Malachite is used often in meditation & energy work. It clears, activates & attunes the chakras. Malachite activates visualization in the third eye chakra. The heart chakra becomes balanced, creating harmony. It facilitates deep emotional healing, releasing old traumas & suppressed feelings, revealing insight as it balances the solar plexus.

Over the centuries, malachite has been honored as a powerhouse, guardian stone by many cultures. It was used regularly in ancient egyptian rituals, symbolizing new life, fertility & abundance. It was believed to protect from evil & was used in jewelry, vases, paint & eyeshadow.

Malachite is the guardian of the heart, the protector, bringing vibrations of transformation, good luck & prosperity.

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