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Lapis lazuli

Symbolizing royalty & honor, lapis lazuli is the image of the heavens on earth. Lapis lazuli is a metaphoric rock composed of lazurite with calcite, sodalite & pyrite.

Since the beginning of time, lapis lazuli has been sacred to many cultures. Worn by royals, this stone represents honor, wisdom & truth. The Sumerians felt that the spirit of the gods lived within these stones.

Ancient egyptians felt the stone represented the night sky & stars. Its protective energy recognizes psychic attack & was used by ancient egyptians in amulets, mostly scarabs. Jewelry, trinkets & statues, even tombs were decorated with lapis lazuli, for its energy gifted protection as they journey into the next world. Lapis lazuli was also used by the ancients in creating makeup. It was ground into a power pigment & used as eyeshadow. It was also used by Michaelangelo to create the beautiful blue hues found in the Sistine Chapel.

Lapis lazuli reveals deep inner truths, encouraging self expression, aiding one to stand true & strong in their authenticity. Used in meditation, working with the third eye chakra & throat chakra, it gives support with stepping into personal power. Tapping into hidden abilities can be achieved while meditating with the third eye chakra. Meditation with the throat chakra aids in allowing your authentic truths to flow with confidence & clarity.

Lapis lazuli brings balance to the mind & body. Calming tempers, uplifting depressive moods, & bringing peace & serenity.

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