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Writing down your thoughts, feelings & all the excess noise that is swirling around in your mind is a great way to wind down in the evening. Journaling is actually a wonderful stress reliever that is beneficial any time of the day.

Journaling turns your attention inward, increasing positive thoughts by releasing negative ones. It enhances your well-being by boosting your mood, releasing stress & sharpening your focus. Your thoughts become organized & you will find yourself working through your problems & setting obtainable goals. Neurological changes include increasing working memory, improvements in cognitive processes & sharper, clearer focus.

Similar to the benefits of meditation, journaling creates an open heart space by simply letting things be. It enhances creative expression & inspires the mind to reach new heights. Journaling takes us deeply inward into self reflection. When we put our thoughts down on paper, we clear our minds & gain perspective on situations & circumstances. Use it as a meditation practice to clear the mind thus making room for the next right action to emerge. Here's some ways you can utilize journaling.

First, you must find a book that resonates with you. If you don't vibe

to it, you won't use it. Trust me. Journaling was a battle within for me.

Carry your journal with you.

Start by writing how you are feeling? Sit quietly for a few moments & write whatever pops into your mind & let it flow. It may seem like a jumbled mess or it may just flow. Regardless get it out. Once you are done writing, either read your entry & decide if you want to examine your words or simply tear the page out & burn it. By burning it, you are releasing your worries to the universe to be transmuted with love to let go.

Another method is to use your journal to dream. Make a list of goals & dreams. Allow yourself to dream big. Revisiting your list often will keep your focus on these dreams.

Use your journal to set your daily intentions & learn accountability. Journaling in the morning, write down your intentions for the day. In the evening, revisit your entry. Did your day flow the way you intended?

Start by checking your vibe & you'll know what will resonate with you.

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