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Representing stillness, open-mindedness & patience, howlite is a calmingly, strong cleansing stone.

Howlite increases awareness, opening energy within to develop a mindful way of life. This borate mineral is an emotional stone that eliminates rage & hostility.

Its energy calms the racing mind, calms communication & is often placed under a pillow at bedtime to treat insomnia.

Howlite has powerful cleansing energy & detoxes the environment. Its energy can be utilized in your home or office by simply placing a piece of it somewhere in the space. It removes tension, enhances communication & keeps angry energy away.

Wearing howlite or placing it in your pocket will absorb your anger & any anger directed at you & transmute that anger into calm energy.

Everything has a vibration, an energy signature. Stones & crystals align their energy to ours & we absorb their healing properties. Howlite is known to balance calcium levels in the body, strengthening the skeletal system.

Howlite is used often in meditation to aid one's journey into past lifetimes & timelines. Opening the crown & third eye chakras, howlite prepares the mind to receive insight. A common practice during meditation, placing howlite on your third eye, aids in memory access.

Howlite is a beautiful blessing & worth having around.

The two stones pictured are available to be wrapped. Feel free to message me if interested.

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