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Honor yourself

As the weekend nears & we celebrate the spring equinox & the new astrological year, take time to honor yourself. Allow yourself to reflect over your lifetime, acknowledging the achievements & lessons learned over the years. Allow yourself, without judgment or criticism to view the magic story of your life. You are the author of your adventurous tale. You are the hero in your story.

The spring equinox marks a new beginning. It can be a new chapter you begin, or a new book, with new characters & adventures to be had. Your choice. That can be exciting & it can be overwhelming. Taking time to honor yourself & acknowledge your strength & the course of your journey thus far, will revitalize your spirit. By honoring yourself, you are mindfully nurturing yourself as you do the ones you love & take care of. Often we forget to give ourselves the same level of love that we give others. Caring for ourselves on a higher, mindful level will replenish our mind & physical bodies on the cellular level promoting wellness & restoring balance.

There are many ways to honor yourself. Schedule time throughout this weekend to enjoy experiences that make you happy. Get outside & enjoy the changes in nature. Enjoy the birds singing. Flowers are starting to sprout. Everything is coming to life. Declutter your spaces. Remove unwanted items from your home & work space. Make room for blessings. Rearrange furniture. Pamper yourself with spa treatments at home with the goodies in your pantry.

The point is, is to make time for you. Recharge & reset. The energies of the equinox will bring clarity & focus to creating new beginnings & with honoring yourself, you will be revitalized & ready to manifest your dreams.

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