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Grounding, also known as earthing is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that electrically reconnect you with the Earth. Reconnecting with its electrons create physiological changes within.

Earth's energy creates a stable internal bioelectrical environment that promotes normal functioning for all body systems. When we ground to the Earth, its negative charge balances our energy by absorbing our excess energy that can cause blockages & burn out.

Direct, uninterrupted contact with elements of the earth will improve your well-being on all levels. Make time daily & you will notice a difference quickly. Taking time to ground, especially during times of anxiety & high level of stress will create a pathway to rebalance & center your focus. Grounding slows down racing thoughts, calms emotions, soothing the mind & body. You will re-center your internal & external worlds.

Ways to ground

-Walking outside barefoot

-Laying on the ground

-Spend time near trees

-Spend time near water (lake, ocean)

If you must be indoors to ground

-Washing dishes


- Stones, sand, shells, leaves, etc, in your home that you can see & feel. Hold in your hands & you'll feel the weight lift from your energy space.

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