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Frankincense & lavender dance through our home this evening, soothing & promoting feelings of peace after an exhausting day.

Frankincense is resin from the boswellia sacra tree & has been used for centuries to improve your mind, body & spirit.

The uplifting, woodsy aroma promotes relaxation & soothes feelings of anger & anxiety & is used commonly to treat insomnia. Frankincense is used in meditation to ground & connect by bringing clarity to the mind. When intently used, new levels of awareness can be obtained through mindful meditation practices.

Used in Ayurvedic medicine, frankincense is known to reduce asthma, improve digestion & improve arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties promote healing at a cellular level, making it a magical addition to any skin care routine. Frankincense tones & lifts skin. It can heal wounds, fade scars & clears acne & boils.

Here's some ways we enjoy the wellness benefits of frankincense in our home.

Diffuser blend (we prefer Doterra essential oils)

3 drops of frankincense

3 drops of lavender

Perfect way to wind down

Frankincense lavender skin toner

Take a small (2oz) spray bottle

Fill 3/4 with witch hazel

Add 3 drops frankincense

Add 3 drops lavender

Shake & chill in fridge

Use daily & Enjoy

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