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Expansion-March's New moon in Pisces

As February's energies of the 2's start to calm, the dreamy, intense energies of March's new moon begin to rush in.

March 2nd's new moon energies connect to our emotions, guiding us towards profound personal progress. This moon aids in personal growth & emotional balance.

Jupiter's energy is influencing good luck, prosperity, hope & growth. This is the time to expand your horizon. This is a time for expansion. This is a time for new investments & having faith in unique opportunities. Have hope, take risks & follow your intuition as we enter the month of March.

Those who struggle with jealousy, envy & possessiveness will be extra intense & aggressive during this new moon & for a few days afterwards, due to Mars, Venus & Pluto.

Be mindful. Pick your battles & protect your energy. We will all be extra sensitive this week.

The energy of this moon must be used constructively & mindfully to avoid unwanted destructive chaos.

These incoming bursts of creative energy can create beautiful transformation if used with good intentions. Enjoy the blessings this beautiful moon brings. Blessed be.

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