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Awwww breathe in the strong, sweet, woody scent of eucalyptus. Known to be potent & toxic to humans & animals, eucalyptus, is not to be ingested nor the oil applied directly to the skin. If knowledgeable & mindful, one can successfully benefit from the wellness properties of eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties. Used for centuries to alleviate pain, especially associated with muscles & joints & to promote wound healing, eucalyptus promotes healing with its anesthetic properties. Eucalyptus is also commonly used to comfort symptoms of cough & congestion.

Mentally, eucalyptus calms an agitated mind & decreases anxiety. The scent also increases focus & concentration levels.

Eucalyptus soothes frazzled energy. Purifying & cleansing, it creates a protective balance by removing stagnant energy. Eucalyptus encourages breakthroughs in obstacles by revealing ourselves & awakening to one's core truths. Associated with the fire element, it provides strength to make drastic life changes.

Try these to infuse the healing love of eucalyptus into your home.

Be mindful that eucalyptus is toxic to you & your pets. If applying eucalyptus essential oil to your skin, a carrier oil must be used. We prefer Doterra essential oil & hemp oil. Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc can be used. Do not for any reason ingest eucalyptus oil. Do not fear eucalyptus but it must be used mindfully.

Eucalyptus smudging

- Burn dried eucalyptus leaves in a glass dish & allow smoke to fill & cleanse each room in your home. Remember to leave a window or door open so the stagnant energy can leave your home.

Burning eucalyptus cleanses our space energetically, bringing mental clarity & feelings of peace while energizing your spirit.

Fresh vase of eucalyptus

- Keep fresh eucalyptus in your workspace to keep concentration & productivity flowing positively.

Eucalyptus shower

- Steam eucalyptus in the shower. Hang fresh eucalyptus in the bathroom & allow the steam to fill the room with its healing aroma. A few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a corner of the shower (where it won't rinse away instantly) works as a wonderful substitute. Opening up the airways, & washing away the stress of the day, a eucalyptus shower is perfect before bed. Enjoy.

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