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Honored, respected & worshipped by cultures since the beginning of recorded history, emeralds have blessed humanity with soothing, invigorating energy.

Representing the goddess Venus, this gemstone symbolizes love, protection, truth, wisdom & growth. Emeralds were cherished & worn by many, including Cleopatra, Aristotle & Alexander the Great. Throughout history, emeralds became known as powerful, magical stones & were used in statues, trinkets & talismans to encourage humanity to live & act from the heart.

The beautiful green hues bring about blessings of abundance, prosperity & growth by promoting patience, bliss & hope. This good luck gemstone increases mental clarity, focus & intent.

Emeralds provide vitality to the spirit within, strengthening connections with intuition & spiritual awareness. Emeralds nourish the heart chakra, opening it up to compassion, unconditional love & acceptance.

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