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Dreams consist of sensations, images, ideas & emotions. Dreams occur anytime during sleep. Vivid dreams occur during the REM sleep cycle, when the brain is most active. Lucid dreams are dreams in which you know that you are dreaming. I live here. Lucid dreams occur in a state that exists between REM sleep & being awake.

Sigmund Freud felt that dreams were the road to the unconscious & Carl Jung saw dreams as the expression of archetypes. Many deep rooted in their religion view dreams as prophetic. Many science based folk view dreams as different dimensions or frequencies.

Regardless of what exactly they are, dreams have fascinated mankind since the beginning. Dreams are a doorway into the unseen world where we can visit & communicate with those we can not see here on Earth. For centuries, dreamwork has been practiced to transform unconscious thoughts into the content of our dreams, to understand & gain insight on who we are. While it is said to allow dreams to flow naturally, it is common practice for lucid dreamers to influence their dreams, changing the story playing out before them.

Dreamcatchers & sacred trinkets placed bedside ward off nightmares. Those sensitive to their past lives, relive their past experiences in their dreams until the connection is made in their physical world & the karmic debt is paid.

Imagine yourself in a protective rainbow bubble that surrounds you while you dream. You are protected in this bubble. Ask a loved one that has passed on to join you & protect you.

Keep a journal next to your bed. Bless yourself before bed with sweet dreams. Upon awakening, awake slowly & gently, thanking your loved one. Write down anything that you remember from your dream. Be sure to name it, for future reference. Dreams guide us, we just have to pay attention. Sweet dreams, happy moon.

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