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Dreamcatchers are beautiful, protective talismans that were originally designed using organic materials, handmade beads & feathers. They were small, only a few inches & were made from thread webbing & hoops made from willow. They weren't large, bold & colorful like ours that is pictured but as knowledge of this tradition has spread worldwide, the dreamcatcher has taken on varying looks. As long as the intention that is made & its roots are mindfully respected, these beautiful webs are a must have in every bedroom.

Originating from the Ojibwe culture, the dreamcatcher represents Asibikaashi. She was depicted as a spider woman who protected the Ojibwe people, especially their children from harm. Over time, as their people grew in numbers & spread over a larger area of land, she created the dreamcatcher.

The dreamcatcher protects one from nightmares, by catching them in the web. The first rays of sunlight the following morning, destroy the trapped bad dreams. The feathers are ladders that allow good dreams to enter your mind while asleep. Sacred beads, tokens, stones & crystals are added to aid one in protection & wellness while they sleep.

Generations have been protected by the energy of the dreamcatcher, story & look slightly varied, with the same loving intention in mind.

The Lakota legend speaks of a spider spirit that protected their people & this spirit created the dreamcatcher to catch good ideas, while the bad ideas pass through the web, leaving the one sleeping unharmed. The round hoop represents the circle of life, the sun & the moon. The feathers, (often owl feathers) are the ladders that good thoughts use to float down to your mind, while you sleep. Dreamcatchers are believed to hold the destiny of the future.


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