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December to remember

December begins with the increasing eclipse energies that bring an icy, in your face, blast of truths. The new moon in Sagittarius is a total lunar eclipse & it takes place on the 4th.

The new moon is a significant turning point & is bringing with it transformative shifts, allowing one to start a new chapter in their life.

Eclipses are portals into new states of consciousness & if one learns to work with energy, great change can occur very quickly. This is the time to face struggles & obstacles head on. Be willing to adapt & adjust to any swift changes in your life. Do not resist what you are being shown & these struggles & obstacles will fall away easily.

This new moon eclipse brings about great change rapidly. This is the time to set intentions, goals & work on consciously manifesting your best life.

At this time our own energy field is pulling others' energies towards ours, creating an unbalanced, chaotic feeling within. Shut the noise down, by stepping away for a few minutes & listen to your intuition. It will never lie to you. Are you feeling you? Or are you picking up on another's suffering? Give back what is not yours energetically & harness your energy into self care & self love.

Karmic debts are now starting to be collected, so step aside & watch a rebalance occur. Have you done your shadow work? Have you embraced your pain the way you have embraced pleasure? Do you walk your talk with integrity?

With Mercury & Neptune active this month, new information will be presented to you at this time, allowing deeper truths to be seen. Chiron, the wounded healer is also active, breathing the energy to speak your truth from deep within.

As the full moon rolls in on the 18th, eclipse season ends. The full moon rising in Gemini will shift the energy into a tie up loose ends type of flow.

By the winter solstice on the 21st, Capricorn energy shifts clarity & focus into a positive forward movement. This is a time of reflection & opportunity. New opportunities will present themselves. Reflect & move on. Trust the new & unknown & let go of all unnecessary suffering. Allow the chaos to collapse as you move forward, expanding your perspective.

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