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Dalmatian jasper

I had the pleasure of wrapping this gorgeous stone into a custom pendant. Dalmatian jasper is known as a stone of joy. Given the dalmation name after its spots, this stone is actually an igneous microcrystalline quartz with a mixture of black tourmaline or arvedsonite minerals.

Dalmatian jasper is a protective, balancing stone that sucks up any disharmony & transmutes it into positive energy.

Working with & opening the lower chakras, its strong grounding vibration aids in creating a deep connection to the Earth. It also helps one recognize & break barriers that they have created for themselves. Encouraging openness of expression, it inspires faith & devotion towards close relationships.

Dalmatian jasper dispels negative energies that seep into your energy field from complainers & pessimists. It helps one to acknowledge & let go of old thought patterns while inspiring creativity, increasing confidence & support to pursue goals.

Soothing & calm, providing comfort in confusing times, it creates balance in the body’s yin/yang energies. It addresses any lack or overabundance, bringing meridian systems into harmony. This stone is commonly used in meditation & is known to aid in freeing one from nightmares. Physical benefits include digestion balance & aid with cartilage problems & sprains.

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