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Coffee is a magical blessing from the Earth. Rich in powerful antioxidants, coffee stimulates skin, promoting healthy skin & hair.

Exfoliating your skin with coffee grounds calm the skin while scraping away dead skin cells. The caffeine component increases blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin at the cellular level. It is very effective in cleansing, smoothing & softening skin.

Using coffee in your skin care routine, will result in reduced inflammation, cellulite & dark spots. Coffee is also known to treat acne, dark circles around eyes & is great after sun care.

Coffee boosts collagen levels, tightening skin naturally. It exfoliates & unclogs pores. Used commonly as a hair rinse, coffee balances ph levels, promoting strong, healthy hair as well.

Here's some ways to enjoy the skin & hair benefits of coffee.

Coffee body scrub

In a small bowl mix together 1tbsp coffee grounds, 1tbsp brown sugar & a 1/2 cup of hemp oil or coconut oil. Apply to skin in a circular motion & rinse. Store remaining in an airtight glass jar for later use.

Coffee foot soak

Brew a few cups of coffee. Allow to cool to a comfortable warm temperature. Pour coffee & grounds into a large bowl or basin. Soak feet approximately 15 minutes, using the grounds to exfoliate skin.

Coffee hair rinse

Rinse clean hair with cold brewed coffee. Grounds can be massaged into scalp to remove dead skin. Apply hot damp towel to hair. The heat opens the hair cuticle allowing the nutrients from the coffee to do its balancing magic.

After approximately 10 minutes, rinse will cool water to close hair cuticle & shampoo hair as usual.

Coffee hair color rinse (to temporarily

darken & deepen shades of brown hair)

After applying coffee rinse, you can apply a plastic cap over hair. Rinse after 1-3 hours to deepen brunette hues. Repeat to darken color further.

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