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I look forward to seeing our chamomile smiling proud in the garden this upcoming year. Chamomile is one of my favorite flowers. We utilize chamomile in many ways in our home. I've personally seen chamomile heal many skin irritations ranging from eczema and psoriasis to healing severe bruising.

Chamomile calms & soothes, creating relaxation of the mind & body.

I can go on for days, giving example after example. Instead here are some ways you can experience the benefits of chamomile by utilizing chamomile tea. Of course having a cup of chamomile tea is healing in numerous ways, but these are our favorite ways to experience the wellness benefits of this beautiful flower. Enjoy.

Chamomile Tea Soak

• Place 1-2 chamomile tea bags in your warm bath water. Soak & enjoy.


• Place 1 tea bag in a large bowl of warm warm. Either soak your feet for approximately 20 minutes or make a warm compress using wash cloths or facial towels and apply directly to affected area for approximately 20 minutes.

Chamomile Sugar Scrub

Place contents of 1 chamomile tea bag into a bowl. Add some brown sugar & a splash of oil. Almond oil, hemp oil or coconut oil are my top choices. Don't worry about measurements. Listen to yourself intuition & it will be perfect. Mix until it is the consistency & texture that you prefer. Apply to skin & rinse like you would with any sugar scrub. You can store any remaining in a airtight glass jar & store for later use.

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