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Capricorn New Moon

Welcome in the capricorn new moon energies. Most people are unconsciously aligned with the energy of the moon. Working with these energies can be extremely beneficial to your overall well-being & prosperity. Occurring January 12th-13th, this new moon takes place in the cardinal earth sign of capricorn.

These energies give rise to creating solid foundations by allowing self reflection. Inspiration, motivation & confidence are themes associated with this moon & is a wonderful time to make difficult decisions with clarity. Goal oriented & determined, these vibes are joining forces with power hungry Pluto, giving us a boost in ambition.

New moons signify new beginnings & reminds us that all is possible. Allow self reflection & embrace the incoming capricorn energies by focusing on steady, forward movement. These energies have a grounding influence & is a wonderful time to connect with your roots.

Some volatile energies are also active at this time causing tense push/pull vibes & experiences. Taking moments to be mindful, reflect & observe, & not absorb these aggressive waves of energy are important at this time. Instead, self reflect on your current accomplishments & what you want to expand for yourself & you will find yourself enjoying the energy of this moon.

There are many things one can do to enjoy energies of the moon. By honoring yourself & the moon, one can manifest many blessings.

New moon water

New moon water purifies energy & draws in good fortune.

- Fill glass jars with water. Put tight lids on them & place either outside or near a window. Ask for blessings & allow it to absorb light from the moon.

Moon water can be utilized for soaks & baths, watering plants & flowers or as drinking water.

Sacred space

- Start by tidying up your living space. Declutter & bless with sage. Set intentions of incoming blessings by removing items that are no longer needed. Then clear out a personal space for yourself. Honor yourself by filling this space with personal items & trinkets. This space is where you come to relax, reflect & meditate.

New experience

-Take time during the new moon to create a new experience. Try a new recipe or try yoga. Take a pottery class or play around with your camera & take photos of nature. Anything that has sparked your interest. You may surprise yourself & see you have hidden talents.

Enjoy the energies of the capricorn new moon. Happy moon!

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