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Black obsidian

Created by molten lava that cooled quicker than it could crystallize, black obsidian is volcanic glass known for its power, strength & beauty.

Found by many to be too overwhelming energetically, this protective stone is used for purification, transformation & manifestation. Known to be truth enhancing, exposing all flaws & blockages, obsidian brings imbalances & shadow qualities to the surface, forcing one to face their true self.

Black obsidian contributes to our wellness in so many ways. Providing mental clarity, it aids in clearing mental confusion & constructing beliefs. Psychologically, obsidian brings you face to face with your shadow side & teaches you how to integrate it by identifying outdated behavior patterns. Physically, obsidian alleviates pain, especially regarding joints & aids digestion.

Black obsidian requires respectful, careful handling & care & needs to be cleansed frequently. Here's some ways to enjoy the health benefits of black obsidian.

Alleviate mental tension & stress

- Place obsidian under pillow or bedside at bedtime

Ground spiritual energy

- Place on navel chakra

Break mental barriers

- Place on third eye chakra

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